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North Haven is a special community, one where we are proud to live, work, raise a family and volunteer! We still believe that person-to-person service is the best service, so feel free to call us anytime at (203) 239-5321

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On Monday, June 11, 2018 representatives from FEMA will be escorted by town officials to specific areas within North Haven in an effort to conduct ongoing assessment related to damage from the storm which occurred on May 16, 2018.  This tour is an important step in seeking approval from FEMA for a disaster declaration which would allow for potential municipal and residential incentives.  

North Haven officials are preparing a route of travel for FEMA representatives in preparation for a visit on Monday.  If damage to your primary residence within North Haven resulted in structural damage please send an email to oem@northhaven-ct.gov  this weekend.  There is a possibility your home may be incorporated into a visit on Monday.  Lack of notification at this time will not prevent any future assistance which may become available. 

Additional details related to any eligible FEMA assistance will be released upon notification being provided from applicable state and/or federal representatives. 



The Town will begin implementing a curbside residential storm debris cleanup effective June 11, 2018. Each street in the affected area will be done only once. As a street is finished, it will be inspected and verified as completed and once that street is completed we will not be returning. 


We will collect: tree stumps, branches, and limbs. We ask that the size of the wood be no longer than 6 feet and placed in the Town’s right of way. Please do not place debris in the street or blocking mail boxes. 


This is not a bulk pick up and other debris will not be picked up. No grass or leaves, and no construction or home debris will be picked up.


The following is a list of streets that we have noted as being affected by the storm. If you incurred storm damage, and your street is not listed, please contact us via email to: oem@northhaven-ct.gov. We will send someone to inspect and verify the damage for permitted pickup. 


All storm related debris must be placed curbside by June 11, 2018.  Personnel from the Department of Public Works will be working aggressively to address the following streets, which means that at any point after June 11, 2018 debris may be picked up. 


Collection of storm debris will be conducted only on the following streets and in the order in which they appear. 


Scrub Oak Road

Dover Road

Lawncrest Drive

Evergreen Place

Coventry Circle

Bowling Green Drive

Bradley Street

Donmar Court

Kimberly Circle

Hartford Turnpike north of Bishop Street

Todd Drive

Koczak Court                   

Todd Drive South

Christine Road

Leighton Court

Eleanor Road


Upper State Street north of Chapman Court

Charles Court

Southgate Lane

Jones Farm Road

Northgate Lane

Chapman Court

Mount Carmel Avenue

Honeycomb Lane

Legrand Road

Kings Highway

Mountain Brook Road

Canterbury Way

Blue Hills Road

Maplecrest Lane

Regency Drive

Lancelot Drive

King Arthur Court

Sycamore Lane

Highland Park Road

Cella Terrace


Ridge Road – north of Bishop Street

Edith Way

Brewster Lane

Woodmere Circle

Mansfield Road

Colonial Drive

Bishop Street (between Hartford Turnpike & Ridge Road)

Fairy Glen Drive


As residents continue to clear their property of fallen trees, branches/ brush and other debris, the location of their septic tank, leaching fields and water well is important. Heavy machinery being used to remove trees can damage these below ground structures. The health department (QVHD) may have information or sketches on file to assist you if you do not have location information available. Contact QVHD at 203-248-4528 or by email: info@qvhd.org for assistance. Disinfection of your well is recommended when power is restored; visit www.qvhd.org for disinfecting guidance.

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Children's Programs in July at the North Haven Memorial Library

The regular meeting of the Middle School Building Committee Finance Sub Committee to be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 5:15 pm in the North Haven Memorial Town Hall has been cancelled. 

The Meeting of the North Haven Conservation Commission at 7 pm at the Rec Center on Monday, June 25, 2018 has been cancelled.